Setting Blocks

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Setting blocks are typically used as cushions between glass and aluminum in architectural systems. Blocks come in many thicknesses, widths and lengths as well as many different polymers.

Setting blocks or dense material can be extruded or fabricated to any length required. A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA-1) can also be added to these materials.

Setting blocks are also referred to as:

  • Rubber Blocks
  • Plastic Blocks
  • Santoprene Blocks
  • Structural Blocks
  • Rubber Pads
  • Plastic Pads
  • Santoprene Pads
  • Structural Pads

Some of our most popular setting block sizes are:

  • ¼” X 1” X 4”
  • ¼” X 1-1/8” X 4”
  • 1/8” X ½” X 4”
  • 1/8” X 3/8” X 4”
  • 1/8” X 1” X 2”
  • 3/16” X 1” X 6”
  • ½” X 1-1/4” X 4”
  • ¾” X 1-1/8” X 4”

About Setting blocks:

Setting Blocks are most commonly manufactured in EPDM. They are also manufactured in Silicone, Neoprene, and Santoprene.

A minimum of two setting blocks should be placed on each edge of the sash, serving to distribute weight evenly. The dimensions of the setting block are determined by the width and length of the IG unit ie. Larger panes require longer blocks. The gauge (thickness) of the setting blocks should be consistent on all four sides of the sash in order to promote even displacement.

Setting blocks are primarily used to stop glass from cracking, to maintain the integrity of the glazing bead and to protect the IG unit from sash impact. Silicone setting blocks are chemically compatible with all sealants tested to ASTM C1087.

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