A Custom Rubber Seal for USPS

At Central Rubber Extrusions we focus on making our customers our utmost priority to do everything we can to assist them with a job or project. Recently, the United States Postal Service reached out to us with a problem that they could not find their original manufacturer for a bulb seal that goes around their door systems. Reverse Engineering a Rubber Product The great thing about Central Rubber is that we are a custom extrusion manufacturer and have the ability to reverse engineer a part as long as we have a sample. Luckily, the U.S.P.S. was able to provide us with a small sample of the bulb seal that they needed so that we could replicate it. With the sample we have the capability of producing a picture of the actual size of the part on our snap machine and transform the picture into an autocad drawing of the part. From that, we then produce the die to make the part. Short Run Manufacturing Capabilities Another great feature about Central Rubber is that we have the ability to do short runs of product with small footage minimum. The question is in a scenario like this, what kind of lead time would this [...]