What are Rubber Trim Parts?

Our focus is to manufacture custom rubber and plastic parts. Our extensive line of custom rubber and plastic seals and gaskets includes ribbed profiles, sponge rubber bulbs, triangle sections, and lid seals, among other products. If you're searching for a durable seal solution, a rubber seal is a perfect choice. They're flexible, drown out noise, and protect your building from water, sun, and extreme temperatures. Rubber seal application is easy - in just a few simple steps you'll have a high-quality rubber seal installed in one of its many applications, including sound enclosures, heavy machinery, trains, ships and boats. From garage doors to window panes, our seals come in a variety of specially designed shapes. All products are made from custom formulated rubber and sponge rubber compounds that's guaranteed to provide protection from weather and noise for years to come. Whether you'd like to drown out noise, eliminate vibration, or protect your building from the elements, our rubber seals are the perfect solution. With an assortment of profiles and dimensions, Central Rubber Extrusions can help you find the right seal for any job. Rubber Trim parts can be used virtually anywhere a quality decorative or protective edge is needed. They [...]