What is Durometer?

Durometer is the hardness of a material. In our manufacturing process we use Shore A, Shore D and Shore 00 to gauge the different rubber polymers that we extrude by using a durometer gauge. Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation. Durometer gauges are also referred to as shore hardness testers, hardness testers, or durometer gauges. Durometer is an important property in how the material will react in the intended environment and application. Its measurement is a unique and valuable gauge to measure for consistency and quality control. The final value of the hardness depends on the depth of the indenter after it has been applied for 15 seconds on the rubber material. If the indenter penetrates 0.100 inch or more into the material, the durometer is 0 for that scale. If it does not penetrate at all, then the durometer is 100 for that scale. It is for this reason that multiple scales exist. Durometer is a dimensionless quantity, and there is no simple relationship between a material's durometer in one scale, and its durometer in any other scale, or by any other hardness test. ASTM D2240 durometers allows for a measurement of the initial hardness, or [...]